Fråga: Creating a digital catalogue of family friendly venues without permission?
Hi! I am creating a digital catalogue of the family- (child-)friendly venues in Stockholm. Can I include a venue without its permission, given that I only include factual information about that venue? No photos, no personal opinions, only facts. Thank you
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Hello, and thank you for reaching out to LegalBuddy. Your question, in legal terms, is on the topic of third party use of immaterial rights. 


A company name is an example of immaterial property. Just like a company logo, it belongs to the company. In most if not all countries, the owner of such property owns the right to dictate how it is used. There are however exceptions to this rule. 


In Swedish law, such exceptions are stipulated in the Trade Marks Act (Varumärkeslagen 2010:1877). Here, in chapter 1 paragraph 8, the exclusive rights to company names are declared. While exclusive rights to a company name either needs to be claimed through registration or through establishment by usage, it might be difficult to distinguish whether or not such rights exist per catalogue entry. Luckily enough, chapter 1 paragraph 11 of hte Trade Marks Act limits the exclusivity rights to a companies trade mark related intellectual property in several ways. One such exception, which is very relevant for your question, is that one is allowed to reference both trade marks and other related information as long as it is done in accordance with honest practices in industrial or commercial matters, if done to identify referring to goods or services. Another exception is that one is allowed to publish reviews of said goods or services. In other words, there should be nothing unlawful with you are building, as long as you are careful with publishing personal data. 


Lastly, it might be worth knowing that the Swedish Trade Marks Act is written as a result of EU law, which means that what is stated above should be correct within every EU country.

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